New career for photographer Pam

Former Driffield Times and Post photographer Pam Stanforth has launched a new career - as a fitness instructor.

Tuesday, 29th July 2014, 10:47 am
Pam Stamforth Woldsway Gym, Cranwell Street, Driffield.
Pam Stamforth Woldsway Gym, Cranwell Street, Driffield.

She been through a rigorous training course and has started holding one hour kettlebell classes on Monday nights from 7.15pm at Woldsway to Health on Cranwell Road.

Pam welcomes members free non members and the classes are just £5.

Kettlebells originated in Russia around the 1700s. They consist of a weighted ball with a handle, which can be swung and lifted to give a great core workout. They also burn fat by combining cardio and resistance training into one workout.

Pam said: “It burns loads of calories and you can vary the intensity yourself by changing the weights of the kettlebells so the workout can easily include beginners alongside the more advanced.

“If there is enough demand I may run another class later on in the week. I’ve done several so far and I love it..”

For more information call Wolds Way to Health on 01377 01377 253333 or log on to