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Letter: Just £4 an hour and helped on 193 project

It was with bemusement that I read two letters attacking me in last week’s Pocklington Post.

Have we gone political correctness crazy?

Letter: A nation built on Christian principles

Have we gone political correctness crazy? Schools are ditching the term BC (Before Christ) and AD (Anno Domini - After Christ) in favour of BCE (Before Common Era). But the British Qualifications and Curriculum Authority defended the move, despite Jewish and Islamic figures saying the terms are not offensive.

East Riding is one of the best performing councils in the country.

Letter: Complaints overshadow work of council

I was one of those who perhaps unwittingly voted for Cllr Strangeway, one of the Pocklington members on the East Riding of Yorkshire Council possibly confused by what was then a surge in popularity for Independents brought about largely by the UKIP effort.

Wasting yet more council taxpayers money.

Letter: Improving the ‘improvements’ on the Pavement

So, weeks ago East Riding of Yorkshire Council (ERYC)wasted a lot of money on the unnecessary so-called “improvements” on the Pavement.

Come along to the open day this Sunday.

Letter: Take a look at archaeological excavations

Fridaythorpe Fimber Wetwang Archaeology Project (FFWAP) is a newly formed community archaeology group. We are currently undertaking an excavation of a ladder settlement which initially developed during the later Iron Age (c 200BC).

Concerned at cheap option of online therapy.

Letter: Misuse of health service by venture capitalists

A private company offering online Cognitive Behavioural Therapy (CBT) is currently promoting itself locally, saying that it is “providing services on behalf of the NHS in East Riding of Yorkshire”.

Car park signs are confusing.

Letter: Rules should be made clearer for customers

On August 4 I took my 94 year old mother, who recently had hip replacement surgery and cannot walk very far, to the Bengal Brasserie in Market Weighton.

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Proposal needs to be addressed.

Letter: Proposal needs to be addressed by the town council

I wish to bring to the attention of Pocklington residents the belief by Persimmon Homes that its application for housing north of the town will be passed -

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At a loss to know what I have done wrong.

Letter: Charged for using car park

I have just received a parking charge notice for parking my vehicle in The Feathers car park on Sunday, June 25, between 12.17pm and 13.42pm.

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Lost opportunities are the fault of East Riding of Yorkshire Council.

Letter: Lack of faith in council’s proposals

While I bow to Stephen Fletcher’s knowledge about all the past lost opportunities to provide more car parking spaces for Pocklington shoppers, I must point out that he is directing his ire in the wrong direction.

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Have Tories found a 'magic money tree'?

Letter: Coalition exceeds cost of Labour manifesto

What a difference a month makes!

We should be allowed to debate our views openly and with civil regard for each other.

Letter: All views should be open to debate

I, like so many others, remain deeply concerned at the state of the political scene in the UK. Only this week, it has been confirmed that some Tory Parliamentary candidates at the recent General Election were victims of hatred, racial and even physical abuse.

Great support from MP.

Letter: MP answered our call for support

It was good of Sir Greg Knight to be so honest about his Conservative Party when he records that he felt that nationally their campaign was poor.

Pocklington Town Council have scorned opportunity after opportunity to provide adequate parking in the town.

Letter: Council’s missed opportunities to provide parking

I have to say Pocklington Town Council is a joke when it comes to the parking issues in the town, in my view.

To lose parking places in Pocklington is a red line.

Letter: We must save our parking spaces

Re Pocklington parking - in support of residents. I fully support Mr Bruton and Mr Held.
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Saddened to record the loss of a good friend.

Letter: Chief steward Ken White ‘had a real zest for life’

I am saddened to record the loss of a good friend Ken White who passed away at home on Saturday, July 8, after a long illness. In December he was admitted to hospital for tests. Unfortunately, despite a brief respite, his condition continued to deteriorate.

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Garden party was a great success.

Letter: Garden party held for churches in the area

The beautiful garden of Mr and Mrs Joe Goodhart in Kirby Underdale was the setting of a very successful garden party on Sunday, July 2.

Pocklington needs parking areas so we have people coming in.

Letter: Lack of spaces detrimental to the town

Pocklington could be losing three parking bays at Burnby Hall Gardens that could mean up to 12 people not getting in.

It would seem to be totally unnecessary to pinch three much needed parking spaces.

Letter: Potential loss of much-needed parking spaces

I hope that the Love Pocklington group will not be disappointed at East Riding of Yorkshire Council’s proposals to revamp the town centre. I totally agree with them and Cllr Strangeway that what is wanted are more parking spaces.

Researching the life and career of the actor Guy Standeven.

Letter: Appeal for information on actor Guy Standeven

I am researching the life and career of the actor Guy Standeven. He was born August 28, 1928, in Scarborough and died in Hammersmith in 1998. He was born as Marcus Guy Wyndham Standeven.

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