Your article: WI group plants 100 daffodil bulbs

Market Weighton WI members bulb planting

Market Weighton WI members bulb planting

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Market Weighton WI agreed with the town council to provide and plant 100 daffodil bulbs as part of the WI citizenship strand of the WI’s constitution and as a benefit for the local community.

The council suggested that the group plant them at the edge of the new flood prevention zone. The area selected was next to Aspen Play Park and on a dismal day a few members of Market Weighton WI met there.

We braved the drizzle and armed with our trowels began digging but were a little surprised how difficult it was to dig the holes. This was because it was on the old marshalling yard, which had a stone base.

However, after a short time we had successfully planted all the bulbs and hope the town will enjoy a lovely display next spring.