Potholes menace for drivers

pot hole
pot hole

AFTER weeks of driving on treacherous roads covered in snow and ice motorists are now faced with another hazard- potholes.

Last month’s heavy snowfall and freezing cold temperatures has left behind potholes on many roads across the region, like this one pictured on Garths End, Pocklington.

Some of them are inches deep and are causing motorists to swerve away to prevent damaging their vehicles or even losing control.

Taxi driver Dean Hodgson, who works for Victoria Travel Taxis based in Pocklington, has noticed bad potholes on George Street in Pocklington and near the new roundabout on the A1079.

He said: “I’ve noticed more potholes appearing.

“On the A1079 near the new roundabout the road is diabolical. They’re just leaving it because they’ve started work on the roundabout. It is just awful.

“It’s going to get impassable at some point.

“I’ve noticed them on George Street as well.”

Mr Hodgson said that he understands that it is difficult for East Riding of Yorkshire Council to repair the potholes while we are still having freezing temperatures.

He said: “I’d like to see the council fill in the potholes but I know they can’t do it because the weather is bad.”

Richard Smith, who owns the taxi firm, said: “The drivers have noticed a considerable number of potholes appearing all over Pocklington and surrounding areas and some are very deep and dangerous around the town, especially up George Street and Garths End and the Balk.”

East Riding of Yorkshire Council said there are 14 teams carrying out repairs to the road network across the area following the big freeze.

Councillor Matthew Grove, portfolio holder for highways and emergency planning, believes repairing the entire network will take quite a lot of time.

He said: “December’s weather was among the most severe on record and it has taken a toll on our roads.

“We are allocating additional resources in responding to the damage.

“Our highways engineers are continually inspecting the network and updating our schedule of repairs and including those reports from members of the public.

“To repair the entire network is likely to take some time, even if the severe weather doesn’t return and cause further damage and hamper the repair work.”

Anyone who notices a pothole can report it to the council’s Streetscene team on 0845 6001666 or by email to highways.customer.care@eastriding.gov.uk.