Police issue warning over fake £20 notes

Police are warning people in the East Riding to keep a look out for a number of forged £20 notes believed to be in circulation.

Since 1 January there have been 29 reports of the forged notes being used in local retailers including around the Pocklington, Market Weighton and South Cave areas.

Crime Prevention Officer, Trace Rokahr from Beverley Police Station said: “Banknotes which are printed for the UK have a wealth of hidden security features. Run your fingernail across the number ten in the top right corner, and you’ll feel how bumpy the surface is. The tactile intaglio print deposits the ink in recesses in the paper surface also giving the banknote its crisp, shiny quality.

“When a counterfeit note reaches a bank, the forged note is taken out of circulation, often leaving the shop keeper out of pocket. We want to educate as many companies and businesses as possible to prevent them being at a loss in the future.”