Picture released of Motorcyclist Anthony Margrave who was found alive after three nights laid in a ditch

Anthony Margrave
Anthony Margrave

A photograph has been released of Anthony Margrave who was found alive after three nights laid in a ditch after being involved in a motorcycle accident.

A missing person enquiry was launched by Humberside Police after a 40-year-old man was reported missing by his partner in Goole after he had not turned up for work a day after she last spoke to him.

A missing person investigation was launched at 1537hrs on Wednesday 12 September after his partner became concerned she had not heard from him in nearly 24-hours.

The man’s home in Goole and work place were checked, along with checks at nearby hospitals and police custody suites.

After discovering the mans powerful motorbike was also missing from his home address, additional checks were made to locate the motorcycle.

The last thing officers knew was that at 1630hrs on Tuesday 11 September the 40-year-old man was planning on having a ride on his new motorbike.

As 24-hours had passed since his last sighting and this being incredibly out of character, all possible resources were deployed to finding him.

An officer involved in the investigation Inspector Rob Cocker, knew the mans phone had not been used for at least 24-hours nor moved from its location in a very unpopulated large rural area, south of Snaith.

Traffic officers were deployed to drive the route from the mans home address to work, however due to the time of day, the consortium police helicopter was also used in the search to check hedges and ditches.

CCTV was checked and a dedicated systematic police search called POLSA was launched to methodically search for the missing man.

After two full days of searching rivers, reservoirs, fields, ditches, houses, gardens, and any other likely location the man could have been in the Thorne, Rawcliffe and Snaith area.

At 1120hrs on Friday 14 September a small amount of debris was found at the side of a road, close to the junction of Selby Road and Reed Holme Lane on the A614 just north of Thorne by Humberside officers, which they believed came from a motorcycle.

South Yorkshire Fire and Rescue and an ambulance were requested whilst a thorough search was conducted in the immediate area.

At 1214hrs on Friday 14 September the man was found 6ft down a ditch, lying in water conscious and breathing between East Cowick and Thorne, just inside the South Yorkshire Police area.

It is believed the motorcyclist collided with a metal signpost on the off-side of the carriageway and then travelled approximately 200 meters further along the carriageway before coming to rest in a ditch.

The motorcyclist hidden from view was at the scene for nearly three days before being found on the 14 September.

The 40-year-old man suffered serious injuries including broken ribs and hyperthermia and he is currently being treated at Doncaster Royal Infirmary.

Inspector Rob Cocker said: “Telephone analysis showed that the mans texts and call pattern was completely out of character, the analysis also gave the police a large search area in a predominantly rural part of the county. Even with a helicopter it is impossible to check every overgrown ditch and crevice and the only way to be 100% sure is to search on foot using officers on the ground.

“This was a large scale missing person enquiry and required resources being pulled in from Scunthorpe and Hull and the use of the South Yorkshire Helicopter for three days.

“All officers feared the worst and it was very pleasing to find the man alive and hope him well with his recovery. It is a credit to his determination that he is still alive.”