Our region is UFO hot-spot! - COMMENT

OUR region is out of this world when it comes to spotting extra terrestrial activity, according to a UFO spotter who has captured mysterious footage at Garrowby three times.

Tony Topping has posted three videos on the internet, the most recent shot at the weekend, of what he claims are alien craft hovering over Pocklington.

On all three occasions, the footage was taken while he was standing on Garrowby Hill at night.

The 38-year-old from Selby is a ham radio operator and regularly spends evenings at the elevated hill to pick up clearer signals, but says close encounters have become a regular occurrence.

Speaking about footage he shot on 21 June, he said: "We were in my mate's car and we looked up and there it was.

"We get them quite often at Garrowby if you know where to film and look – we're not even surprised to see them anymore!

"There's a school of thinking that it could be plasma gas or reconnaissance vehicles, but the bottom line is that they are UFOs.

"If it's a beautiful clear night and you know where you're looking you can see them."

Last July Mr Topping was able to latch on to a bright light and began filming, following it across the sky to produce 98 seconds of footage.

At the weekend, more footage was taken which shows a white dot of light in the distance.

But the 45 seconds he captured on 21 June appears to show the white light turn red before fading.

"This one was an absolute belter," he said.

"What's quite interesting with this is that it actually looks like a vertical spinning disc.

"There's arguments that it could have been an aircraft, but we have reason to believe it's a UFO. The one we filmed last year is a definite UFO, no doubt about it."

The sighting comes months after a Pocklington taxi driver believed he spotted UFOs flying in formation across the town.

He was so shocked by the incident at Christmas he even stopped his cab on the Barmby Moor to Pocklington road and got out to get a closer look.

Then in January, a UFO reportedly crashed into a wind turbine in Lincolnshire, just 45 miles from the East Riding.

Expert Russ Kellett, who founded the British UFO Hunters study group and had tipped off the national press about the Lincolnshire incident, said Yorkshire was a hotbed of extra-terrestrial activity.

To view the footage of all three incidents at Garrowby Hill, follow these links:

21 June 2009 footage:


July 2008 footage:


12 July 2009 footage: