Look out for the ‘Red Tractor’ logo, says MP

POCKLINGTON MP Greg Knight has urged consumers to look out for the ‘Red Tractor’ logo when shopping following the Europe-wide horsemeat scandal.

According to Mr Knight, Red Tractor food has proper labelling and consumers can trust that it has been produced in the UK to higher standards than most imported food.

He said: “People are calling for clear, simple but accurate labelling and currently meat from a foreign animal which is processed in Britain can be labelled as UK produce.

“If shoppers choose Red Tractor food then it gives them more than just confidence that they are buying a British product.

“No Red Tractor products have been implicated in the horsemeat scandal and only beef from certified farms can be used in Red Tractor-labelled products, so customers can be sure that it is what it claims to be.

He added: “Currently British farmers are competing with inferior and sometimes mis-labelled products, sourced from foreign animals, reared to significantly lower standards and masquerading as British.

“Choosing a Red Tractor product does not only guarantee that you are buying good food - it will also provide a boost to UK farmers.”