Loyal following for credit union

wetwang credit union
wetwang credit union

The Bishop of Hull, the Rt Rev Richard Frith, paid a visit to the new Hull and East Yorkshire Credit Union (HEYCU) Branch at Wetwang on Tuesday.

Bishop Frith attended a special coffee morning at Wetwang Community Hall to meet the volunteers who set up a Credit Union branch to serve Wetwang and the surrounding rural communities.

The Credit Union is open at the Community Hall every Tuesday morning and, in its first month, has already attracted a loyal following from residents, many of whom have opened savings accounts to plan ahead towards next Christmas. Until further notice, each new member who opens a HEYCU Christmas Saver account receives a £10 starter bonus, and can get a further £5 for recommending a friend.

HEYCU’s Wetwang Branch is run by trained volunteers, who all live in the community. Mrs Pat Fletcher, one of the organisers, said: “Many rural residents struggle to access fair and straightforward financial services these days and so we are hoping that the presence of a credit union branch in the village will fill a gap by helping people to save up safely and, if they need it, obtain affordable credit without having to travel far from their own community. With the support of the Church of England we are excited about extending the service to other parishes around Wetwang in the coming months.”

John Smith, HEYCU’s Chief Executive, said: “Our new team of volunteers at Wetwang are already making a great impact by bringing credit union services to the northernmost part of our area. We are really looking forward to the visit of the Bishop of Hull, who is not only a Credit Union member, but one of our most steadfast advocates as we strive to develop our not-for-profit business to help the people of Hull and East Yorkshire to make the most of their money.”

For more information on HEYCU services please visit www.hullandeycu.co.uk