Burst water pipe causes chaos



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A HAIR Salon went without water for nearly two weeks and other local traders lost business because of a burst water pipe.

Repair work on the pipe on Market Street in Pocklington began on 5 January and was completed on Tuesday.

Freckles Ladies Hair Salon, which is close to where the pipe burst, had no water from Boxing Day. It was not until last Thursday, 11 days later, that they got back their water supply.

Jill Whatt, manager of the salon, said: “The pipe froze on Boxing Day and burst the Sunday after.”

“We lost a lot of business through it. It’s been a nightmare.”

“The boys at Creation downstairs helped a lot. They filled up tins with water for us and we brought in big water holders from home.”

Temporary traffic lights were put in place while the repair work was carried out and according to some traders traffic was “chaos” because parked vehicles were blocking motorists from getting past the roadworks.

Guy Scott, who runs the fishmongers on Market Street, said: “People were parking opposite and blocking off traffic.

“We’ve been dead since the burst happened. Takings have been down so much. It’s been frightening.”

“People have been parking outside not near the curb.

“Cars couldn’t get through at all it was chaos. It’s appalling.”

Kirsty Grice, who works at Blooming Occasions on Market Street, believes police should have done more to control the traffic.

“At the end of last week they dug a hole in the road and there were people parking in the road and people couldn’t get through. It’s been a bit chaotic.

“Where are the police when they are actually needed? Local shops will continue to struggle if shoppers cannot even get into town.”

A spokeswoman for Yorkshire Water said: “We apologise to customers for any inconvenience caused by a leak on a small pipe on Market Street in Pocklington.

“The repair has now been completed and the road returned to normal on Tuesday.”