Take Two Lifestyle team improving wildlife area

Take Two Lifestyle, Erin Mortimer and Alice Burton.
Take Two Lifestyle, Erin Mortimer and Alice Burton.

A Lifestyle team from Beverley has been busy making a local wildlife area more accessible to other schoolchildren so that they can learn about their environment.

The two members of the Take Two Lifestyle team are Erin Mortimer and Alice Burton (both 12), who attend Beverley High School.

The girl’s project was aimed at improving a wooded area near to Keldmarsh School, making it accessible to other children to learn about their environment and conservation, and study the animals that live there.

The area is owned by Yorkshire Wildlife Trust and is centred around a natural spring bubbling up from the ground, surrounded by trees with several paths running through which are maintained by the council.

Over a period of time the pathway had become overgrown with nettles and litter had been dumped, creating not only an eyesore but a potential risk to the local wildlife.

The Lifestyle team arranged for the path to be cleared and the litter picked up.

The girls also put together educational bug boxes for the use of local schools. These contain practical items such as nets, collection blankets for insects, information sheets on the trees and animals that may be found in the area, and copies of the countryside code.

The girls raised the money for the equipment in the boxes by running a bun stall at Beverley Leisure Centre, as well as a tombola and bric a brac stall outside Toll Gavel Church.