Slimming World: Beverley, East Yorkshire, Slimmer Jeanette gets back in the saddle

Jeanette Fraser, of Beverley, after her weight loss.
Jeanette Fraser, of Beverley, after her weight loss.

A slimmer from Beverley has rekindled her love of horse riding after losing three and a half stones with Slimmimg World.

Jeanette Fraser (43) joined her local group in January 2011 after years of ‘yo-yo’ dieting.

As the weight came off, her confidence increased. “Previously I avoided social situations, because I always felt embarrassed and shopping was a real chore...I went out to buy clothes and only ever seemed to come home with shoes!” she said.

Jeanette’s real passion was horse riding, but her weight prevented her from do it, so she encouraged her daughter to ride instead.

After reaching her slimming target she got on a horse again for the first time in 15 years and was soon galloping across open fields.

“At 43, I’m doing things I haven’t done since my twenties - it just shows it’s never too late to change your lifestyle,” she said.

Jeanette’s success has inspired her to help others and she is opening her own Slimming World group at Beverley Minster Parish Hall on Wednesday September 26 at 7.30pm.

“I especially love meeting new members and hope that I can inspire them in the way that other members of my group have inspired me,” she said.